Patient Intake Form

To give you as much time as possible working with the physical therapist at your appointment, please print and fill out the paperwork beforehand and bring it with you. The personal information you provide is secure and only used for the purposes of your visit. 

What to Expect


At S.T.A.R. Physical Therapy, we want to provide you with hands-on, compassionate care that is specifically designed for your needs. Here’s what to expect during your treatment:

First Visit:
Your first visit will consist of a comprehensive evaluation and injury assessment by a highly skilled and knowledgeable Physical Therapist. During this time, we will spend time getting to know you and your injury concerns. We’ll perform necessary movement tests and measurements so that we can develop a collaborative treatment plan to optimize your movement and daily function. After the examination, we will discuss your findings so you know what is going on with your injury and what your treatment strategy will look like. We will also start on your Home Recovery Plan, from changing daily movement habits, to posture correction, or some light exercises to begin your journey to Recovery. Most injury recovery requires 2-3x per week for 4 to 6 weeks of Physical Therapy.

Subsequent Treatment:
Following the first visit, you can expect the same level of attention and high quality care. We will reassess your injury routinely to make sure it is progressing as expected, and to progress or adjust your current treatment plan so we can restore your function faster. You can expect updates with your Home Recovery Plan as you are progressing.

During your treatments, we may perform a variety of manual techniques, joint mobilization/manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, muscle coordination and retraining exercises, postural correction, movement strategy correction, pain reduction modalities, and resistance training all in as pain-free manner as possible to promote faster and better healing.

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