How I Became a Chiropractor at STAR Physical Therapy

Dr. Phelps was born in Pocatello, ID. At a young age, his family moved to Kemmerer, WY, to work at ExxonMobil. He participated in many sports throughout school, including football, basketball, golf, and swim teams. He also went to athletic summer camps and competed on independent swim teams.

When high school was finished, Dr. Phelps attended Utah State University and majored in Biology with a Premedicine emphasis. He continued to compete in swimming in college, where his career culminated in multiple national championships in indoor and open-water competitions.

He served his LDS mission in the Sao Paulo South Brazil mission and almost immediately fell ill and returned home. He was bedridden for several months and was unable to obtain relief from any specialists. As a last resort, he visited a Chiropractor & Naturopath in Washington State that his uncle referred. After taking several hours to hear his case and examine him, they concluded his illness. With an intense supplement and nutrition program, Dr. Phelps was healthy and ready to return to his mission within two weeks. This experience was where he gained his love for the profession.

Upon completing his mission, Dr. Phelps finished his bachelor’s degree at USU and attended the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL. He first chose to do his Naturopathic Medical Doctorate, where he also took advantage of several opportunities to work with the Salvation Army and their rehab programs. As a student, Dr. Phelps also gained experience at family medicine clinics and his regular rotations at the school clinic. While finishing the Naturopathic degree, he decided to pursue his Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and receive an acupuncture certification.

After graduation, he began searching for a location to start his practice. Crockett Chiropractic in Taylorsville, Utah, was for sale, and he purchased the practice from Dr. L. Craig Crockett. He quickly fell in love with Taylorsville because of the people and the small-town feel. He is excited about his opportunity to help people improve their lifestyles. “This practice, this location, these people, it’s everything I dreamed of, and more.”

How Do I Schedule an Initial Consultation and Exam with TJ Phelps, DC?

To schedule an appointment with our chiropractor at STAR Physical Therapy®, call us at 801-601-1494. Add us on Facebook to find any promotions and discounts.

A wealth of knowledge and passion is brought with dual degrees in Naturopathic and Chiropractic. A proud family man, he is devoted to his wife and two children.