Headaches in Children

There are kids that are going to get headaches for different reasons. They may experience them one type or two and some may have to deal with the pain all the time. There is at least five percent of children that are going to experience headaches and most will who develop headaches will outgrow them by the time they are in their teens. Boys will outgrow headaches as they get closer to adolescence and girls will do so during the hormonal changes in their bodies.

Migraines are common in children. They are a vascular problem and can trigger the pain and throbbing that may have to deal with when they have a headache. If your child experiences a migraine, it is going to be something that you have to deal with. Your child may feel dizzy or sick. They may have problems concentrating or seeing. Your child may also lose his or her balance and even get a stomachache instead of head pain.

Most children who are dealing with migraines will have pain and need to be dealt with. Kids may experience mood changes and dizziness. Some children will complain of blurred vision, loss of appetite, vomiting, and even food cravings. Kids may go through crazy mood changes and diarrhea or even a high temperature of 102 or so.

Many children that go through headaches will have a history of migraines in their family. Sometimes their personalities are similar to those of adults who are going to experience migraines. They may become compulsive or even perfect. Some may be analytical and like everything to be a certain way in their life. They want to have order and organization in their life. They want to have everything done their way and nothing else will be acceptable.
Most of the time using the medication can help a child feel better and relieve the tension from the headache. Having different choices that are going to work for different problems is going to be something that many parents want to have. They want to use the right type of medication that is going to be safe and effective for their child. Thinking about the way that you treat a child with a headache is going to be important so that you can use the right type of treatment for their problem.

Using a hot washcloth on their head may also be a good choice to help relieve the pain of a headache. There are also heating pads that can be used or even some children like to use ice packs on their pounding heads. It is going to need to be determined through the help of the parent and what they want to do for their child.

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