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Tips for your Spinal Health

Your spinal health is the backbone of your health and determines your ability to move, sleep and function properly. Your spine has three major functions. These include protection of your spinal cord and associated nerve roots, support and balance of your body to maintain an upright position, and allowing flexibility in motion.

Your spine is very important to your nervous system helping transmit sensory information such as touch. It is responsible for sensations in your muscles, joints and internal organs. Damage to your spine can cause irreversible damage and inhibit this important sensory information from functioning properly.

Here are some everyday tips to help your spine stay healthy:

Be careful when lifting heavy objects:

Having an improper form while picking up heavy objects can be damaging to your spine. To lift objects, first stand close to the object. Stand straight and use your legs and knees to carry the weight rather than your upper body. If you are having difficulty lifting the item, ask for help.

Proper positioning while sleeping:

Sleeping on your stomach or on a soft mattress can put extra pressure on your spine. It is important to sleep on your side and on a supportive mattress. Investing in pillows that promote proper alignment of the spine and neck are always a good idea. A good nights rest is important as your body repairs while you sleep. Ensuring your receiving a good supportive nights rest.

Live an active lifestyle:

Daily stretching and exercise can lower your risk for lower back pain. Core straightening and general stretching promotes good joint function and range of motion reducing your overall risk of injury. Take a bit of time each day to be active and stretch out your muscles.

Drink Water:

Hydration is key to maintaining soft tissue elasticity and fluidity in your joints. What does this mean to you? Soft tissue elasticity and joint fluidity is important for your spinal disks helping them stay structurally sound. When your spinal disks shrink you can suffer from a condition called herniation. Drinking lots of water daily is important to keeping your spinal strong and fluid.

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