custom orthotics made to fit you

Benefits of Orthotics

Orthotics have many benefits whether you choose to purchase a drugstore or custom insert. Custom orthotics are molded to fit your feet, taking into account activity levels and body mass perfectly and therefore are the optimal choice. If you are experiencing pain, a custom orthotic can be created to address your unique concern helping to align the spine and reduce any long term damage.

Your feet are important to your overall health, supporting and aligning your body. Without proper support in your choice of footwear, you can start to experience daily pain. Take care of your feet, learn more about how custom orthotics can help with your health.

Here are some additional benefits to custom orthotics:

Superior Foot Support:

Your feet supports your entire body, containing 26 bones and 100 muscles. Having proper foot support helps your spine alignment and important to your daily health. Custom orthotics are designed for full, optimal support fit to your body.

Collapsed Arch Correction:

Pronation or collapsed arches increase stress on your knees, hips and lower back. They cause this stress by allowing the ankle to fall toward the midline of your body causing you to be more susceptible to injury and back pain. Custom orthotics provide proper arch support relieving the stress on your joints and may correct pronation.

High Arch Correction:

Opposite to a collapsed arch, a high arch or supination is when your ankle leans away from the midline of your body. This movement puts stress on your joints similar to pronation causing your to be more susceptible to injury or back pain. Your arches may not be balanced, with one high than the other, causing further pain, balance and spinal issues. Investing in custom orthotics can help correct high arches by supporting your feet and re-aligning your spine.

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