Introducing: The Athletic Performance Boost Package

Take your athletic performance to the next level! Dr. Corey Verostick has been working with athletes for over 10 years to optimize form, mobility, strength and more. Physical therapy isn't just for injuries, it can maximize the skills you already have and unleash your athletic potential.

Athletic Performance Boost Package 1
Athletic Performance Boost Package 2
Athletic Performance Boost Package 3

Any Sport

Perfect for high school athletes, competition leagues, or casual players alike. Benefits for every sport.

Track and field, long-distance running, weightlifting, gymnastics, dance, martial arts, rugby, swimming, soccer, basketball, boxing, tennis, golf, baseball, volleyball and more!

Tailored To You

Work personally with Dr. Verostick for 6 sessions of physical therapy and training (1 hour each). The program begins with a full evaluation and is then tailored to fit your specific needs. Sessions may include work on your mobility, form, strength and more.

6 Sessions for $600

It's that simple! Call to make your first appointment!